Affiliate Program

Join the Underwear Nation Affiliate Program and earn cash money for referring customers and growing our underwear empire. Get all the details below.

Become an Underwear Affiliate

Earn Money Referring Customers to Underwear Nation

We are currently accepting fashion and lifestyle websites into our affiliate program. Underwear Nation’s unique Men’s Underwear Club subscription format is a good source of recurring revenue for your website or blog.

  • 8% commission on any sales you refer
  • 8% commission on Underwear Club monthly rebills up to 6 months
  • Easy cash payouts
  • Simple resources to share referrals on social media
  • Pre-made banner ads in many sizes easily available
  • Personal dashboard to track your efforts

Earn 8% commission for every sale or member you refer to Underwear Nation that signs up or makes a purchase using your referral link. There is no cost for you to become an affiliate so sign up today and start earning money.

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The Affiliate Program Process

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Apply  Applying is insanely easy, just fill out the form on the next page and click submit. Boom! Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified once you are approved to become an affiliate for Underwear Nation.


STEP2: SHARE  Log in to your Affiliate Dashboard to find your affiliate resources like pre-made banner ads. Post the banner ads on your site or blog and share your custom link with friends through social media, email or any way you see fit.


STEP 3: GET PAID When anyone clicks a banner on your site or uses your link to visit Underwear Nation and makes a purchase, you make money and get paid. The more you share, the more money you make.

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