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The Black & White Issue

Past Issue // Issue Archive

Photography and Story by Jerrad Matthew  |  Model Bryce Hrusovsky

THE BLACK AND WHITE ISSUE. October 2013.  The misty wet sky flickers with romance and mystery as Ilsa and Rick say their emotional goodbye in the final minutes of the most iconic black and white movie of all time, Casablanca.  The light and shadow dance across their faces, building the mood and focusing the emotion in a way no color-filled film farewell has ever matched.  As he lifts Ilsa’s face into the light, our hero delivers arguably THE most famous line of all time, Here’s lookin at you, kid. 

Here’s lookin at you, kid. – Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca

That same mystery and romance endures in black and white photography even now in the digital age.  Although model Bryce Hrusovsky arrived at the studio looking casual and modern in jeans and a t-shirt, he becomes a classic and romantic figure in black and white.

Black. White.  The most classic of colors and a staple in every man’s underwear drawer.  Or at least they should be.  For October we show off a variety of black and white choices that range from every day basics like the Pump Classic Trunk and Brief to something a little more flashy like the Black Series Jockstrap or Sheer Singlet by N2N Bodywear.  And we keep the black and white theme going with our choice for October’s underwear of the month: the extremely comfortable N2N Bodywear Air Series.

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Underwear of the Month

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