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The Bold Issue

Past Issue // Issue Archive

Photography and Story by Jerrad Matthew  |  Model Nate Seymour

THE BOLD ISSUE. January 2014.  Audaces fortuna iuvat. Fortune favors the bold. The phrase originates from a Latin proverb, meaning that Fortuna, the goddess of luck, is more likely to help those who take risks or action. At Underwear Nation, we couldn’t agree more! From day one we have focused on making bold moves, taking risks and doing things differently.

To kick off 2014, we celebrate that idea with bold, brightly colored selections in our January Issue. As we all prepare our resolutions for the new year, we promise ourselves to lose weight, get more organized or take more chances. What better way to take a low-risk chance than by shaking up your top drawer with some color? It could change your entire outlook!

When our model Nate arrived at the studio, he was excited to see the custom painted set and brightly colored styles he’d be wearing. We don’t often get to show off our model’s fun side, but with Nate we couldn’t resist including that amazing smile of his. With his bold and fun personality and stunning good-looks, he was a perfect match for this month’s theme.

Along with the new year, we are ecstatic to introduce another amazing brand to our line-up for the Underwear of the Month club and to our virtual shelves.  This month’s selection are the Teamm8 Jump Brief and Teamm8 Jump Trunk, along with the Cocksox Classic Jockstrap. Warning: wearing these bold colors may just lead to bolder moves in the bedroom!

Be sure to SHOP THE ISSUE below and take a closer look at the colorful styles we’ve featured this month. Being a Citizen (member) of our Underwear of the Month Club means one of the styles of Teamm8 Jump or the Cocksox Classic Jockstrap seen here on the right will be showing up on your doorstep.  Be daring and be bold this year, take chances and have fun! Getting caught with your pants down wearing any of these is a great start!

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