Underwear Nation is the premium designer men’s underwear of the month club!

You can easily be overwhelmed with all of the available fantastic styles and colors from the 100+ underwear designers in this great big world.  Never fear, Underwear Nation is here!

Since 2011, Underwear Nation has been curating the absolute best underwear for our Citizen subscribers.   We make it as easy as possible to enjoy the myriad of styles that men enjoy and appreciate.  Simply choose your size.  Then select your skivvies – whether briefs, trunks or jockstraps.  Our underwear experts will handpick something different for you every month.

Rest assured, we only feature underwear that adheres to our strict standards of comfort, quality, and style.  Each of these brands are then stamped with our “Worn By UN” seal of approval.  Past subscriptions boxes included designers, such as Todd Sanfield, C-IN2, Jack Adams, Garcon Model, and Pump.

We ship them directly to your doorstep every month. With over 100+ designers offering great looks, we take the work out of discovering these hot new brands and styles.

Our Citizens (members) within the U.S. always enjoy free shipping for their monthly package (our Citizens outside the U.S. pay only $10 for shipping) and all Citizens receive additional exclusive discounts and sales.

Get your Subscription Box today and become a Citizen of the Underwear Nation and experience the world!