About Us

The Nation is the the modern man’s online destination for all things underwear. Underwear is more than just boxers and briefs.
Underwear is lounge wear. Underwear is a comfortable pair of pajamas. Underwear is a pair of long johns. Underwear is so much more.

Founding the Underwear Nation

The Premier Men’s Underwear Destination

In April 2011, the Underwear Nation was founded on one simple principle:  Re-imagine the tired men’s underwear shopping experience.  That was we created the world’s first premium underwear of the month club.  It obviously was a great idea because many imitators tried to copy our formula.

There has been a change in men’s attitudes toward their clothes. In the past, the wife bought all the husband’s clothes, and that happens a lot less today. American men are more aware of fashion; they’re not afraid of it and they like clothes better and are willing to spend more time choosing them.

– Calvin Klein

Underwear Nation

Attitudes towards masculinity have progressed dramatically over the years.  And men’s fashion has reflected those changes.  When you look at social media, you can tell – Men like to look good and express themselves through their clothing.

That is why we at Underwear Nation recognized it was time to give men what they deserve and put underwear at the forefront of fashion.  Underwear is not just what you wear under other clothing.  It is lounge, athleisure, and swim wear as well as grooming products.

Like Underwear Nation did for boxers and briefs, we again are making it easier for men to take care of all their underwear needs.  We made the buying experience easy by letting you avoid the sifting through messy shelves to find your size and the pushing your way through the crowded stores.

Men deserve to look good. Men deserve options.