Alexander COBB – Scented Underwear?

Alexander COBB Underwear

Ah Scandinavia…home to great design, a flat pack furniture empire, hot blonde boys and….scented underwear? Yep that’s right. Scents are the new innovation in men’s underwear. Launched this year, Scandinavian company Alexander COBB has introduced a “revolutionary” new technology where they infuse a strawberry fragrance into their underwear material.



The fragrance in the underwear is found in micro capsules that spread out and intensify by rubbing. It gives a new dimension to underwear at Alexander Cobb.



Alexander COBB Logo




The fragrance lasts for up to 30 washes. The undies are designed by an award winning Scandinavian who infused elements of koi tattoos in them. I love the fresh approach to the Alexander COBB prints. But personally I think innovation for the sake of innovation is, well, superfluous. Obviously in the highly fragmented men’s underwear industry companies need to do something to stand out from the competition. But do so with a high quality product that your customers can’t live without. If you don’t your customers will see right through it.

Check out some hot Alexander COBB looks

Alexander COBB Underwear Alexander COBB Underwear Alexander COBB Underwear Alexander COBB Underwear Alexander COBB Underwear alexander-COBB-underwear7 Alexander COBB Underwear

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