Photography  by Underwear Nation

Take a deep breath in, feel it fill you up all the way to your toes. Clear your mind and exhale all your troubles away. Let everything else fall away, work issues, relationship trouble, the daily grind of life itself. Doesn’t that feel good?

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Photography by Jerrad Matthew
Model Derek Yates

Vivid (adj.) – Producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind. This month Underwear Nation is featuring the 2Eros Vivid Collection as the company’s underwear of the month for December, and the images of model Derek Yates certainly conjure very powerful feelings and strong, clear images in our minds!

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Featuring Pump Underwear

By Jerrad Matthew
Model Dusty Lachowicz

Wether you’re a marathon runner, a crossfit junkie, a muscle maniac or a just an occasional casual gym wall-fly, you know there’s nothing quite like that feeling of getting pumped up! The sweat dripping, your heart beating hard in your chest, endorphins racing to every extremity; it’s a beautiful experience. Now we’re not saying that a pair of underwear can give you a workout or provide the cardio your body needs, but we can say with (unverified) scientific proof that the designs from Pump Underwear will get your heart racing.

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