We’re working really hard here at Underwear Nation to take our mens underwear blog to the next level by creating 100% original content for a majority of our posts! If you didn’t know, nearly all of the content you see on Underwear Nation is created just for our site by photographer Jerrad Matthew. We’re excited about providing you, our Citizens, with amazing new photos and stories to enjoy. Sometimes, however, we come across a series of photographs by another artist that we just HAVE to share!  Here is one example; this photo series of model Brady Bielski by Thomas Synnamon featuring underwear from N2N Bodywear.

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Today we’re thrilled to share a feature shot by our in-house photographer Jerrad Matthew exclusively for all of you, our loyal Underwear Nation Citizens! This series features male model Alex Command in Teamm8 underwear, the Teamm8 Mate Brief to be exact. This young man is, shall we say, absurdly good-looking and he looks red-hot in these briefs.

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Let me begin by saying I absolutely love the design, style, and colors of Pump Underwear. Combine that with the steamy photography of renown photographer Rick Day and you’ve got a home run of sex-appeal personified. Today we thought we’d share some of the images of Pump by Rick Day.

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Underwear Nation’s in-house photographic genius and co-owner, Jerrad Matthew recently flew to Australia to shoot for Cocksox in the company’s home city of Sydney.  The project was for the new redesign and relaunch of the sexy brand’s new website.

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Dirty or clean and everything in between, C-IN2’s latest mens underwear campaign features male model Michael Stalker by Rick Day.  Showing off the latest from the brand’s various collections, Stalker and Day combine their powers to create this sexy series of images.  The images are able to show variety while Day’s style bring cohesion to the story.

Here at Underwear Nation, we’ve been toying with the idea of adding a membership level we’d call The Basics. This membership would feature great classic brands like C-IN2, 2Xist and Baskit. Tell us what you think in a comment below!  We want to hear from our Citizens. Do you think this is a good idea?  Would you like to see this new membership level available at Underwear Nation?  Let us know!

Michael-Stalker-for-C-IN2-Underwear-Campaign-2014-01-1 Michael-Stalker-for-C-IN2-Underwear-Campaign-2014-02 Michael-Stalker-for-C-IN2-Underwear-Campaign-2014-03 Michael-Stalker-for-C-IN2-Underwear-Campaign-2014-04 Michael-Stalker-for-C-IN2-Underwear-Campaign-2014-05 Michael-Stalker-for-C-IN2-Underwear-Campaign-2014-06 Michael-Stalker-for-C-IN2-Underwear-Campaign-2014-07 Michael-Stalker-for-C-IN2-Underwear-Campaign-2014-08 Michael-Stalker-for-C-IN2-Underwear-Campaign-2014-09 Michael-Stalker-for-C-IN2-Underwear-Campaign-2014-10 Images © Rick Day / C-IN2 Underwear

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Sure, the model may be wearing swimwear in this series of images and we may be a mens underwear company, but who can resist sharing something that adds some much needed heat to this cold, cold winter? Here is model Eian Scully by Vincent Dilio for Instinct Magazine. The story, Cabin Fever, certainly gives us a warm sensation all over!

I have to say it reminds me a little of December’s Cozy Issue, featuring our model Jake in some cozy mens underwear to keep you warm in winter.  Be sure to take a look!

Cabin Fever can be seen in the February/March 2014 issue of Instinct magazine.

Styled by Eric Launder at Halley Resources with hair by George Ortiz.

vdilio-cabin-01 vdilio-cabin-02 vdilio-cabin-03 vdilio-cabin-04 vdilio-cabin-05 vdilio-cabin-06 vdilio-cabin-07 vdilio-cabin-08 vdilio-cabin-09 vdilio-cabin-10

Images © Vincent Dilio and Instict Magazine.

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We’re getting back into the swing of things here at Underwear Nation after the holidays and getting back to the grindstone of blogging. Today we’re sharing with you a sexy set of images of model Simone by Alvaro Beamud Cortes. This crazy-hot male model fills out his Dolce & Gabbana undies pretty damn well and the rest of his body is bad to look at either.

Alvaro Beamud Cortes

Simone-Alvaro-1 Simone-Alvaro-2 Simone-Alvaro-3

Images © Alvaro Beamud Cortes

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Here is a photo series of Matthew Agency male model Trey Mitcham by Jerrad Matthew, our in-house photographer, for MaleModelScene.net. Sometimes there are beautiful male models who are not quite ready to take the leap into underwear modeling. It doesn’t mean, however, that the model is any less stunning to look at! Mitcham is just 18 years old and has exotic looks that are sure to take him far in modeling. We can’t blame him for making careful and calculated steps in his modeling career and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this young hottie.

Trey Mitcham by Jerrad Matthew Photography Trey Mitcham by Jerrad Matthew Photography Trey Mitcham by Jerrad Matthew Photography Trey Mitcham by Jerrad Matthew Photography Trey Mitcham by Jerrad Matthew Photography Trey Mitcham by Jerrad Matthew Photography Trey Mitcham by Jerrad Matthew Photography


Images © Jerrad Matthew Photography

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Here is a lovely series of images of male model Yera Fontes by Adrian C Martin.  One look at this sexy man by the poolside and it leaves us longing for warmer days here in the cold winter of Michigan. Fontes is wearing underwear and swimwear by Teamm8, which you’ll recall we just recently made an exciting announcement about in this blog post.

Photos: Adrián C. Martín (wwww.adriancmartin.com) / Assistant: Alejandro Díaz / Underwear & Swimwear: Teamm8 / Model: Yera Fontes / Location:  Arrecife Gran Hotel, Lanzarote (www.aghotelspa.com/).

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10


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Photographer Joseph Lally is quickly becoming known for his voyeuristic style of photography which can make the viewer feel good and very bad all at the same time!  In this series of images of male model Bryce Thompson by Joseph Lally, he does it again. The South African Thompson shows off his inner exhibitionist in (and out) of some sexy Rufskin underwear and looks damn good doing it!

Shop Rufskin Underwear available at Underwear Nation.

Bryce-Thompson-by-Joseph-Lally1 Bryce-Thompson-by-Joseph-Lally2 Bryce-Thompson-by-Joseph-Lally3 Bryce-Thompson-by-Joseph-Lally4 Bryce-Thompson-by-Joseph-Lally5 Bryce-Thompson-by-Joseph-Lally6 Bryce-Thompson-by-Joseph-Lally7 Bryce-Thompson-by-Joseph-Lally8 Bryce-Thompson-by-Joseph-Lally9 Bryce-Thompson-by-Joseph-Lally10

Images © Joseph Lally

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