Justin Bieber Shows Off (His Underwear)

Justin Bieber in Underwear

I’m considering going dressed as my #5 Celeb-Inspired Halloween Costume tonight: A Hot Mess – a la Justin Bieber in his underwear in some various state of bad decision making. Which seems to be a theme these days, as the boy wonder continues to show up in compromising situations.

He’s an easy target for Celeb Saturday here at the Nation given his most recent act of charitable giving. Apparently Justin was in Houston strip club VLive last week making it rain where he reportedly tipped dancer DiamondsR4Ever over $7,000. Would someone please slap (some sense into) this kid for me!

When I go to the strip club I take my shirt off mainly to show off my pink undies and gold chains like the Biebs.

Justin Bieber Shows Off Underwear at Strip Club

And in case you were wondering this is what $7,000 in one dollar Bieber bills looks like.

Justin Bieber $7,000 in TipsCopyright Twitter: @1real_diamond

I still love Beauty and a Beat in the water park. So at least there is that.

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