The Male Models of Lithuania

For gay men, it’s probably no secret that Eastern Europe is responsible for some pretty incredibly hot men (as evidenced by a certain line of adult videos produced in the region). But today, I’m focusing on one gem of a country tucked right in the middle of it’s neighboring Baltic States and producing some stunningly beautiful men; Lithuania.

And as if their European angular faces and beautiful bodies weren’t enough, they all have names that seem they should belong to warriors or heroes in fairy tales. Take a look at just a sample of the male models of Lithuania and tell me there isn’t something in the water in this country!


Model Gediminas Mazelis (Major Amber Models) by Mark & Migle

gediminas-mazelis-by-mark-migle-derriuspierrecom-2 gediminas-mazelis-by-mark-migle-derriuspierrecom-3 gediminas-mazelis-by-mark-migle-derriuspierrecom-4 gediminas-mazelis-by-mark-migle-derriuspierrecom-6


Model Oskaras Ridikas (Major Amber Models) by Mark & Migle

Oskaras-8 Oskaras OskarasRidikas_MigleGlubickaite_06

Model Paulias Rudys (ECMA) by Mark & Migle

222e5d1dc654fa74599259aaf21b2091 d56d5d55c3a9b446b5c69dc2e24fe798 Paulius

All images © Mark & Migle Photography

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