Parke & Ronen was launched in 1997 by Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel.  I’m embarrassed to say I only recently came to know of them in the past year or so. But I love everything about the men’s fashion label. The line embraces simplicity while offering “refined details, quality fabrics, and exquisite fit.”

Refined details, quality fabrics, and exquisite fit are the hallmarks of the Parke & Ronen look, attracting clients who choose to dress simply yet look sensational.

And beyond the great fashions they provide, they also have excellent taste in the male models the choose to represent the brand!  They have this great habit of having the men hang out, get ready, and rehearse every year in the classic P&R white boxer brief, a practice we support fully! So take a look at the video of the runway show, and some behind the scenes videos and pictures as well.  You’ll see why we love this brand so much.

Parke and Ronen Spring 2014

Park and Ronen Spring 2014 Casting


Park and Ronen Spring 2014 Behind the Scenes

(Images from Instinct Magazine)

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